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Client Testimonials About The Face® Weight Loss Coaching Program

“FACE was very helpful in that it made me consciously aware of the thought processes that one uses when one makes the decision to eat or not eat. The process for saying 'no', the 'satisfaction' process, and the 'relaxation' process all have contributed to my success with weight control.”
P.R., Sacramento, CA.
Client Testimonials About The Face® Weight Loss Program

“This program has meant so much to me. It’s like a release from a life sentence. This is the first time I found true understanding. You taught me how to take effective responsibility; how to do what I’ve always wanted but didn’t know how to do.”
R.T., Chicago, IL.

“What I found really valuable was the idea that, yes, you can eat whatever you like. It’s very liberating. I lost a lot of weight without feeling deprived. I feel so much calmer – it’s a real breakthrough. I feel a lot saner about the way I look.”
N.S., Nutritionist, Tampa, FL.

“I finally lost and kept off the weight that I always gained back after a diet. I’m so excited that I never have to go on a diet again. I can actually go down and have a snack in front of my friends and feel comfortable. I feel like a ‘normal’ eater.”
J.R., Springfield, MA.


“I feel this program has certainly freed me from my compulsion with food. I now have the skills to master my weight problem, and with your continued support I know I will. It’s a great program. I feel like a whole person again.”
D.F., Dallas TX.


“This program is probably the best thing I’ve ever done for myself. I’ve rid myself of my guilt about eating. I’ve been given the tools to make decisions about eating that are right for me. I’ve learned to refuse food when it’s appropriate, without feeling deprived. I have a great new freedom I’d forgotten about – it’s okay to enjoy food.”
A.G., Santa Fe, NM.


“After I had weight loss surgery I am so glad that I found your support group and program. I have been able to adjust to the new way of eating with increased self awareness and tools to make choices that are healthy and satisfying. To be able to talk about the emotional changes in such a safe and supportive environment has been truly a blessing.”
B.T., Sturbridge, MA.

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