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The FACE® Weight Loss Program

As we know all too well, restrictive diets don’t work. In fact, dieting creates compulsive behavior around food. The dieter becomes preoccupied with food, especially forbidden foods, and feels deprived.

Sooner or later the ability to restrict intake breaks down, and the cycle of overeating and self-blame begins again. The more one diets, the more one ultimately eats or becomes obsessed with eating.

When the diet is over, the weight will come back along with a progressively more unnatural eating problem.


Weight Loss Counseling & Coaching Services

Virtual Groups-People meet in weekly one-hour groups over the phone, and learn the FACE® Weight Loss Program principles for becoming a normal eater.

Individualized Virtual Coaching- Meet weekly for one hour over the phone with a FACE® Weight Loss specialist tailoring the program to meet your action goals.

Weight Loss Surgery Coaching- Expert coaching for those contemplating, undergoing, or recovering from Bariatric surgery.

Specialized follow-up virtual groups for those who need:
• Nutritional support
• Exercise support
• Emotional support
• Body image support


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