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Welcome Weight Loss Travelers

The FACE® Weight Loss Program is a successful psychoeducational approach to weight loss. Through group and individual coaching, we help you to relearn concepts that normal eaters use to remain at a comfortable weight.

Using our powerful techniques, developed over 28 years of personal and professional experience, we help you to permanently restructure your relationship to food and weight.

My Story

I founded The FACE® Weight Loss Program, Finding Answers for Comfortable Eating, a psycho-educational approach to weight loss with my husband, a psychologist, over 28 years ago after successfully dealing with my own lifelong compulsive overeating problem - read more.

The FACE® Weight Loss Program participants learn to:

• Stop the yo-yo dieting cycle
• Feel comfortable and in control around food
• Eat when hungry and choose alternative activities for managing stress
• Examine emotional connections to food and weight in a safe and supportive   environment
• Permanently improve body image
• Practice self-awareness without judgment leading to greater self-acceptance
• Explore Options for Weight Loss Surgery - Including Bariatric Surgery Coaching

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How We Can Help You

Virtual Groups
People meet in weekly one-hour groups over the phone, and learn the FACE® Weight Loss Program principles for becoming a normal eater.

Individualized Virtual Coaching
Meet weekly for one hour over the phone with a FACE® Weight Loss specialist tailoring the program to meet your action goals.

Weight Loss Surgery Coaching
Expert coaching for those contemplating, undergoing, or recovering from Bariatric surgery.

Specialized follow-up virtual groups for those who need:

• Nutritional support
• Exercise support
• Emotional support
• Body image support

The FACE Weight Loss Program has been featured on Hartford’s CBS PM Magazine and Reader’s Digest Lifetime.


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